Server data recovery services

It is by all means correct to say that your server is the lifeblood of your home or business network. Therefore, a problem with the server could easily lead to loss of data, and hence getting server data recovery services will save you to get back and running quickly. A recent study shows that 30% of server owners do not have a formal backing strategy to back up their files and information. They realize the seriousness after the problem has hit, not knowing that they are just a few steps from disaster. Most of the server data recovery providers have expressed seeing this kind of reactive behavior. Taking some basic precautions including getting recovery experts that will help you know how to back up your documents will save you the trouble of losing info.

Various causes of server failure

Your server may lose data due to some reasons among them;

  • A file deleted by the antivirus: getting a good and updated antivirus is essential in protecting your server and the system as well. Occasionally, however, the antivirus may identify a certain crucial file on the server as malicious and hence truncate, delete or overwrite the file.
  • Failed array controller: a problem may also arise with the operation of array controllers leading to corrupting of the drives on the array. This may at times make the server to fail.
  • Software upgrade: at times, software upgrades may bring problems especially if the software has compatibility issues with the existing system software. Update of important system files may cause file corrupt.
  • Failing of multiple drives on storage array: if one of the drives or a number of them fails for a certain reason, it exposes the other drives to more vulnerable problems which can end up with failure of the entire server

The next course of action

Where the system does not boot, but the disks are okay, then it’s recommended to reinstall the server. On the same note, if the system disk fails but the data disks look healthy, you can reinstall the server. Nevertheless, in cases where the disks fail, you should consider getting professional server data recovery services to help you salvage the much-needed data.

In cases where you suspect your server to have a physical problem, never recover the data using recovery software programs readily available to the consumers, as this can widen the problem ending permanently overwriting the data. Without a server backup, getting server data recovery services is indispensable. Beware that attempts to restore a server bring high chances of overwriting the data hence making it impossible to retrieve.


Small Businesses and the Social Media

It is not easy to survive in today’s fierce competition especially for the Small Businesses. The small Business lack funds, resources, and workforce. They have to think logically before taking any decision. In this situation, the Social Media gives them an equal opportunity to promote their products even if they don’t have the sufficient budgets. But the Social Media can be overwhelming for them if they come up without a game plan. They Buy Instagram Followers and have no strategy how to utilize them then there is no need to waste time and money on Social Media. So, it will be better for the small Businesses to drive an effective strategy on Social Media.

Equal opportunities for the Small Businesses:

We have already discussed that the Social Media provides the leveled playing field for every company no matters what is its size. If you run a s and remain worried about the ways to promote your products, then the Social Media is an excellent platform for your Business. What is the exciting part? You can promote your Business without wasting much money. However, if you have the sufficient budget, then you can increase Instagram Followers and other Social Media services too. But make certain that you come up with a useful plan otherwise you will end up with nothing but a mess.

Following are a few things that can be helpful for the small Businesses on Social Media:

  • Presence of Social Media:

One thing that is of utmost importance on Social Media is the presence. It means that the lack of presence on Social Media may make your followers doubtful about your legitimacy. Think of your competitors. Are they using Social Media? If no then you have an opportunity to prove yourself as a more thoughtful Business by coming on Social Media. And if they are not using Social Media then you have an excellent opportunity to build a strong customer base.

  • Build a niche voice:

Not everyone is interested in your products on Social Media. You have to find your niche and the targeted audience. Determine what community you want to serve. In simple words, you have to identify that whether your products and content is for males or females. Will teenagers be able to get benefits from it? Or the old age people are your targeted audience? It is highly essential to know this to build a brand’s voice.

  • Take what you can handle:

You have more than one Social Media platforms but what if you can’t handle them correctly. It is better to choose one platform you can manage well. However, if you think you can manage to have more than Business profiles then go ahead.

  • Learn from others success:

At the beginning of the post, we discussed that the small Business lack resources. But they can use Social Media to learn from other company’s success as well. Look how they managed their presence on Social Media. How they made their customers happy? What were their goals and how they achieved? It will motivate you, and you will be able to define your objectives.

Must-Have Website Features for 2018

It’s hard to believe 2017 has already come and gone, but here we are preparing for the new year. Many businesses take this time to refocus and regroup their business and marketing strategies to propel growth. One area that shouldn’t go overlooked in your planning session is the current state of your website. There will be some massive changes that can help make or break businesses. Never one to withhold valuable information, we at Horton Group have come across some must have features your website will need in order to compete in 2018.

Mobile Responsive Websites

We’ve talked at length about the importance of having a mobile responsive website. This is not a new trend. This is a requirement! Developers and marketers have been working on improving mobile and tablet interaction for over ten years, but the truth is most websites’ responsiveness is only considered after all the work has been completed on the desktop version. In 2018, there will be some changes that will impact websites that aren’t set up for mobile response. The hamburger navigation bar (the three bars you see in the top right/left corner) is a popular option to provide website developers with clean/uncluttered organization and users with clickability to other pages. Unfortunately, there are still many organizations who haven’t adopted this trend and are using traditional navigation bars on their homepage. If proper mobile responsive design isn’t utilized on traditional navigation, it can be very difficult for a mobile user on your website to get where they want to go. The more difficulty an individual encounters, the quicker they are going to abandon the page or website altogether. Any form or CTA available on a mobile site should be large and interactive. The most significant concern regarding website development is to build both the desktop and mobile version simultaneously. If increased bounce rate isn’t enough to get you to rethink your mobile design, maybe the next trend for the new year will.

New Changes to Google Index will Play a Role in Mobile-First Indexing

2018 is the year Google is projected to make some massive changes to the way they index websites and this will have a considerable effect on mobile sites. Marketers and developers have been preparing for this change, and just this month Google decided to go ahead with a soft roll-out of mobile first indexing on a few sites. Google has been very open about these changes because it doesn’t want to surprise anyone, but if you haven’t heard let us give you a little crash course.

We should all be aware of the bots that currently crawl web pages and indexes websites. Right now these bots are designed for the desktop version. This creates issues for those who are searching on mobile devices. With over 60% of searches taking place on the phone or tablet, the limitations of the current bot aren’t helping web users. What does this mean for your website? If you aren’t hosting a mobile-first design, you won’t index on mobile searches. At all. Don’t worry. Google has provided some tips to help ensure you are prepared by:

Making sure the mobile version has the same high-quality content.

Ensure URLs within structured data are updated to include the mobile version.

Include metadata in both versions of the site.

Confirm your hosting service provides enough space for the increased crawl rate on a mobile device.

Optimize Your Website for Voice Search

After you prepare your website for mobile optimization, you’ll want to check your SEO is ready for the rise of voice search. So many consumers are utilizing Alexa, Siri, Google and other platforms to retrieve the information they are looking for online. These queries range from “how to change a tire” to “what time does the mall close?” Your SEO strategy should be prepared to take on all kinds of orally spoken search queries. The most significant reason voice search is different from a typed search is oftentimes a question asked vocally is action oriented and uses complex sentences. Rather than an archaic form of keyword searches like “Nashville BBQ Restaurants,” consumers will ask “Where is the best BBQ place?” and expect Siri to know their location and respond appropriately.

SEO is ever-changing and its trajectory for the new year is changing hugely, but to stay in the game, you’ll need to adapt to this new form of question and answer style consumers will use. The best way to prepare your website is through the development of topic clusters. The idea of topic clusters is that information revolves around a single pillar of content. Think of it as the central hub of information where you’ll keep all of the answers to your customer’s questions. Subsequently, “cluster topics” will support your pillar page by providing value through link building. We’ve talked a little about link building and having quality links referring back to your site helps your search ranking. When you begin to point blog posts and service pages back to your pillar, you’ll build the credit you need to increase your visibility and add value to the questions asked by your consumers.

Find a CMS that Improves Your eCommerce Strategy

The right Content Management System (CMS) is vital to the success of your website, and HubSpot has proven to be a leader in delivering a system that’s reliable and relevant. In 2018, they’re upping their game with an integration of Shopify. This new feature allows businesses direct access to product management, applied keywords, and reporting tools all within one location.

The new integration allows you to sync customer and order data directly from your Shopify account to HubSpot where you can use the data to drive sales and increase growth. Analysis of the data helps you segment customers by different values like lifetime revenue, average order, and purchase totals. The information you glean from this can help direct your inbound marketing efforts into a strategy the delights your consumers. You can create personalized emails that generate awareness and cater to individual purchase habits of your customers.

Ensure Your CMS Promotes Customer Conversations

Another avenue that sets HubSpot in front of other CMS platforms is their new website integration for social conversations. Consumers across the globe are changing the way they interact with the brands they love and how they shop for goods. Now, more than ever, they are communicating with businesses about products and services on a 24/7 basis. If you want your website to be ready for 2018, you’ll want to have a CMS system like HubSpot that allows you to keep up with this trend. Because the world doesn’t expect companies to have 24/7 business hours, an automated system allows for quick responses to routine questions for things such as delivery windows, office hours, and primary product/service information is critical. This next level of interaction keeps customers satisfied and helps them feel engaged with your brand.

Have more questions? At Horton Group we are experts in website development and can provide you and your business with a strategy that will enhance your user experience in 2018. Contact us today to learn more.

TheOneSpy Windows Monitoring App Review

The windows machines over the years are popular among the users. The reason behind the popularity of Windows computers is the reasonable price and its user-friendly interface. We have usually these machines in the business organizations in the shape of windows laptops, desktops and others. On the other hand, these machines are even famous among the students who studied in colleges and in the universities. There is no doubt about that the contemporary windows devices are used worldwide and that’s why someone people need to spy on these machines for several reasons. Parents want to track the appropriate use of the internet for the kids and teens and employers want to know the activities of their employees within the working hours on company’s owned windows PCs. Let’s discuss the below best windows spy software.

A short introduction of the windows spyware

TheOneSpy has been introduced the number of products over the years and recently it has come up with the windows spy program. It is the best spy software for pc. It has gained massive popularity in the spy industry. It has plenty of state of the art features that enable a user to get the job done convincingly. The windows surveillance software is for everyone, it is the reasonable price and a robust feature speaks out regarding its accuracy and efficiency. Let’s take a look at all of its contemporary features in the following.

Installation Process:

First, of a user have to install the best windows spying app on the target device and activate the device. After the completion of the installation process, a user has to login into the online control panel of TOS windows monitoring software through given credentials in the mail.

User-friendly Reports:

TheOneSpy windows Spy app provides user time to time user-friendly reports regarding the activities of the target person. It means if parents want to see what their kids are doing in their widow’s machines they can use the windows tracking software in order to get their hands on the kids and teens activities on the device to avoid any inappropriate activity of their young children.

On-Demand Screen Shots:

The on-demand screenshots mean a user can get remotely the screenshots of each and every single activity performed by the target user. Employers that want to monitor their employees working style or dedication; they can get the on-demand screenshots of their employee’s activities within no time and get to know either the employees are concentrating on their work or not.

Blok Websites:

Similarly, the block websites of the windows spyware allow a user to block all the websites that users think are inappropriate for some odd reasons. They can block the websites by putting websites URL into the filters and stop their target person to visit the particular websites which they have blocked earlier. It means that parents can protect their kids and teens to visit the websites based on carnal content and on the other hand employers can stop their employees to visit the websites on which they waste time within the working hours.

Mighty Alarms:

The mighty alarms of the windows monitoring software allow the user to set the mighty alarms on all the activities that they don’t want to do to the target person. When the target user is going to perform the activities the mighty alarms indicates the user that the target person is doing the activities on which they have fixed alarms.

Invisible Mode Tracking:

It provides the user the tracking services that don’t give a clue a target that the window machine that they are using is being tracked by someone. It means it enables a user to do the stealth monitoring of the target windows machines to the fullest. The windows spy program is the best in the business when it comes to monitoring any windows machine covertly.

Online Offline Tracking:

It further enables users to perform both offline and online tracking of the target windows machine. This will really benefit the parents and employer respectively. Remember that the target machine should be connected to the stable internet connection whenever you are going to perform monitoring on the target windows machine.

Real-Time Monitoring:

It further empowers the user to do the real-time monitoring of each and every single activity performed by the target user on the windows device. The user can do real-time monitoring of the employees within the working hours and get to know at what time an employee was not doing the assigned task.

Bottom Line:

The windows spy program is the best and ultimate tool to track the activities of kids and teens and employees within the working hours in real-time.

What Is the Significance of Enterprise Resource Planning System


There is a lot of buzz on internet about ERP and its significance for businesses. Many of you might be trying to understand what exactly enterprise resource planning system is. Well, here is a simple way to explain it. Think about the core processes required for running a company like finance, manufacturing, HR, supply chain, procurement, services and more. ERP integrates all these processes into a single system at the most basic level. Today, they provide distinguishability, analytics and efficiency through every aspect of your business.

However, with time and consideration of different needs, ERP systems have moved on to much more than just the basics. Using the advanced technologies, ERP applications facilitates the flow of information through departments helping business find data driven decision making easy and manage their overall performance without much fuss and hassle.

Why opt for Enterprise resource planning system?

Any organization that does not choose ERP runs on a number of software applications. Managing all of them at independent levels might engage lot of time and take lot of effort as well. Some software applications do not allow integration. In some cases, perhaps customization might also be an issue. All these are going to affect your company’s optimized functioning of business activities.

The organization will start facing hardship in many areas of functions. During such situation, especially if you need to improve the system, you will need to make changes in the engineering design of the software, which is definitely going to take lot of effort, time and of course, money. Besides, administration of the interdependence of different receipts will be complicated and involve lot of time.

All these things will change and the entire system will get simplified as soon as you get the enterprise resource planning system.  Along with other benefits, information flow will be constant and will allow you to follow the client’s processes any moment you need to. All your purchase and expenses will be registered in centralized database giving you full control on all business activities. Thus, the enterprise resource planning software will prevent you from any possible misuse.

To summarize, ERP system will automate your entire business processes making it systematic and organized. Involvement of lot of manpower, time and money will automatically come down. The business processes and activities will be placed in useful and standardized format which is common and easy to use for the entire organization. The enterprise resource planning system applications talk to each other as well as share a database. This is going to eliminate any kind of information loss or misuse between departments giving everyone a single source of facts. Find more and connect with us on Facebook.

The system of your organization can automate the core business processes helping you have certainty in reducing tasks, regulating compliance, fast tracking reporting as well as receiving data at any stage of business activity and much more. There are three different types of ERP and keeping in mind its benefits and suitability to your business, you can select the best fitting one.


Tips for Meaningful Student Portfolios

Student portfolios, more so the student’s versions, can be one of the greatest ideas to keep the memories alive. By providing the means and the time for students to collect things that document their successes and challenges, students will become more invested and metacognitive in their learning and growth. However, reality shows that many teachers and students portfolios have become a stable, core exercise. However, it does not have to take that direction. Gone are the days when students would be excited about this task. We can recapture this magic even though it will take a challenge. Here are the main tips to make the digital portfolios for elementary students meaningful.

1. Create time for the reflective process

Schools often recognize the importance of portfolios as reflective practices. However, skill and content always come at the top of the exercise. Teachers feel hard-pressed and are under a great amount of pressure on such areas. However, teachers need to commit much of their time to the reflective processes that are often consistently implemented to achieve a meaningful portfolio. Once you have all the time you need for the portfolios, educators will ensure that the students are engaged in the portfolio making process. The results will be disappointing if we let the students work on them alone.

2. Create portfolios that cover the student’s life

When developing student portfolios, ensure they are always centered around the student. Our students are community activists, artists, actors, and athletes. They must, therefore, create a portfolio that encompasses all those things. For this reason, it should never be limited to the school alone. Encourage them to include the songs and music they record, the films made for fun with their friends, and the fiction stories outside the school. We need not exclude out-of-school artifacts because school is there to shape them to become a better social being in society.

3. Provide guidelines to open the student’s creativity

You must always engage the students to make choices when selecting their artifacts. These artifacts must also reflect their lives at home as well as the school life. However, you must always ensure that there are basic guidelines to ensure that the students get the best academic growth through the set portfolios. For you to develop basic criteria for your student, it should include all the core, art, and subjects that must be represented in the portfolio. They must also represent the maximum and a minimum number of pieces. During this exercise, content is paramount.

4. Make the portfolios pop through the addition of varieties

One of the things that make the students get bored when making their portfolios is when the teacher asks them to do the same thing as others to get them ready. These students will never be enthusiastic if their portfolio is ready. Instead, we need to have a varied portfolio range among students just like we have a varied classroom discussion. For grade-level planning, this part is most effective.

Balance is the key to great student portfolio development. Give them the opportunity to express their reflective sides as in academics.


How to Stay Up to Date with Maryland Cannabis Statutes

Despite passing a medical cannabis legalization law nearly five years ago, the state of Maryland has only started allowing dispensaries to retail their product this month. Under the statute, the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission has been tasked to issue licenses, as well as regulate the industry. There are several key components in the state cannabis regulations that dispensary management should follow. Here are 5 Ways dispensaries can stay compliant with Marylands Marijuana Laws.

Know What Can and Cannot Be Sold in the State

As part of their state regulatory responsibilities, the commission posts information on state retail limits and other requirements for dispensaries, providers, and patients. The commission also imposes a limit on the number of dispensary licenses issued within the state. All of the licensed establishments in the database are permitted to distribute both processed and dried flower types of medical cannabis. The commission has yet to develop regulations covering the production of edibles for retail purposes. However, the commission does not bar the patient and their authorized caregiver from purchasing extracts and oils from licensed dispensaries and making edibles at home.

Follow Strict Consumption Guidelines

Maryland imposes strict regulations regarding using medical cannabis in public areas and motor vehicles. Operators should be aware that the law also prohibits product consumption within or outside the dispensary. Failure to comply with the regulations could result in a fine, or worse, revocation of the dispensary’s license.

Stay Within the Monthly Product Issuance Limits

Dispensaries should be aware of the monthly issuance limits for the state. The law had capped the limit for medical-cannabis infused products to 36 grams of THC for a 30-day period. For usable cannabis, which is mostly of the dried flower type, the allowable limit is 120 grams for a 30-day period. The dispensary would have to ensure that a patient has not yet exceeded their personal limits before dispensing cannabis.

Ensure Dispensary Employees Pass a Background Check

Under the law, those who work or volunteer in a dispensary should pass a criminal background check. Even those who are only affiliated with the dispensary, including the owners and director/s of the company must pass through the process. Any subcontractor not registered with the commission would have to get a government-issued visitor ID before entering any nonpublic area of the dispensary.

Submit Compliance Reports

Licensed dispensaries must submit compliance reports to the commission on a quarterly basis. As a regulated industry, the reports must provide several patient-related information, including medical condition and the amount and type of cannabis provided. For privacy reasons, names and other identifying information are not included in the report, except for the patient’s county of residence. Dispensaries must also provide a data summary on the number of patients assisted during the quarter.

Part of the commission’s enforcement duties is to inspect dispensaries on a regular basis. Any major deficiency on the part of the establishment could potentially result in a license revocation. To sustain business operations, dispensary management must ensure that all requirements set under Maryland statutes are adequately addressed.


Five Things Retail Customers Look for and Need

Customers are the bread and butter of every business, and there is absolutely no getting around that. Therefore, businesses must do everything they can to enhance each customer’s experience that deals with the establishment. The following are five things that consumers look for with any shopping experience whether it’s an online experience or in-store experience. Modern businesses must have these elements to be able to compete.

1. Stellar Customer Service

The number one thing that customers love to have the most is good customer service. Good customer service includes attitude, helpfulness, promptness of service delivery and more. Your customer service should be at 100 percent at times whether your employees are front face specialists or phone specialists. You can improve their customer service efforts by providing updated training modules for them as well as continued on-the-job training.

2. Appreciation

All consumers like to know that the places where they spend their money appreciate them. You can show your customers your appreciation by offering them some rewards and incentives. Rewards cards are a hugely popular in a variety of locations. They provide shoppers the ability to earn incentives just by shopping in the store. Such a system is highly effective and new businesses incorporate it every day. DevOps for omnichannel retailers is what you want to focus on in that aspect.

3. Shopping Convenience

Shoppers like to have convenience when they shop. Convenience could mean easy navigation for online shopping, convenient hours for a store location or something else. They like to know that the businesses where they spend their money are willing to do things that help them get the products and service that they need the most.

4. Deals and Discounts

Savings are another category of benefits that consumers look for when they shop in someone’s store. They would greatly appreciate if you gave them the opportunity to obtain products and services for a discounted price. You could offer weekly, monthly or daily specials. Another route you can take is the online e-mail list route. By offering your customers 10 percent for signing up for updates and information, you can develop a decent email list as well as a lot of loyal customers.

5. High-Quality Products and Services

Finally, your customers always want to know that they can get high-quality products and services from your establishment. That’s one of the key elements that businesses get. If you increase your quality control standards, you can accomplish the task of providing the best elements for every consumer that uses your services or buys your products. That will not only make your customers happy but also it will guarantee you some referrals and new business. A new business can always garner referrals.

Those are the five top things that consumers look for no matter where they choose to shop at. If you can find ways to increase the quality and the quantity of such experiences, you can improve your business operations immensely.


Three Technologies You Absolutely Need For Better SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the best strategies businesses are embracing for marketing purposes. It enables all businesses to compete at the same level whether big or small. On the other hand, reputable SEO service providers like are working as smart as possible to make sure that they provide the best services. Any company on this end need to be well prepared to serve the clients using the best technology they on the market today. This publication covers three technologies one every SEO expert must have to enable them to provide the best services.


We have all seen it on the top address bar as we surf the web. Have you ever wondered what they are for? Well, I guess only the computer software enthusiasts and professionals have such interest. So, the https has been in the use for long now and proven to secure websites from hacks. Initially, this technology was used to secure websites for banks, sensitive emails and other websites that are prone to malicious hacking.

For your understanding, HTTPS stands for hypertext transfer protocol secure and ensures that all information that is being exchanged from the server to the user interface is encrypted. Also, the server that has stored the information is secured with relevant firewalls.

So, an SEO agent who uses this technology assures their clients that the information is safe from eavesdroppers who attempt to get sensitive information like payment details and any other.

Mobile responsiveness

Various studies have proven that mobile web use is higher than that of personal computers (PCs). As at now, Google has revolutionized the mobile web use through the introduction of mobilegeddon in 2015 – detailed algorithms for mobile based browsing. After this, the mobile websites that are pleasant got a listing on the Google ranking. This quickly became a technology worth to embrace for any SEO company.

According to Google then a mobile website is pleasant when it fulfills the following;

  • The display of the website fits a phone device screen
  • The content can be read without having to zoom
  • It does not use flash software and others like it
  • Can comfortably be used using the thumb finger i.e. fill-in fields, hyperlinks and any other

Now that Google recognizes such kind of mobile web user experience, the SEO experts have no choice than to embrace this technology. Web owners are looking for experts who can help them tap into this opportunity.

Facebook instant articles and Google AMP

Google AMP (Accelerated mobile pages) is as a result of their creativity to provide a platform to deal with mass pages on the mobile web through net storage. This ensures that the web users can quickly access information on the web for the products they seek. Loading of such information is also incredibly fast.

In a similar way like the AMP technology, Facebook uses the instant articles. The page owners or business people upload information which is stored here. There after this can be distributed to all relevant viewers for instant access.

It is crucial to have the above three technology at your finger tips as an SEO company if you must succeed. Clients will come looking for you to handle their SEO needs.